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When I ask : Do you prefer biscuits or cookies ?

The answer is always the same : Cookies !

And I always smile …


Merriam-Webster Dictionary


1 aUS a small quick bread made from dough that has been rolled out and cut or dropped from a spoon. While both types of biscuit use the same handful of ingredients and are quick to prepare, drop biscuits don’t rely on any of the finicky steps rolled biscuits require to get them just right.— Sandra Wu

 b British : COOKIE
The children were divided into groups of five seated round a table and each one was given a chocolate biscuit.— H. Colin Davis
1: a small flat or slightly raised cake
Longman Dictionary
1 [countable] British English a small thin dry cake that is usually sweet and made for one person to eat SYN cookie American English 
a packet of chocolate biscuits
cheese and biscuits
2 [countable] American English a type of soft bread baked in small round pieces
1 especially American English a small flat sweet cake SYN biscuit British English 
a glass of milk and a cookie 
a chocolate chip cookie


So it’s the same smile ! Biscuit is British English and Cookie is American English.

According to the recipe you may add chocolate chips or dried fruits, … but it’s the same.

For French cookies are only flat chocolate chips cookies !!


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